my name is matt cicero.  i am a writer, journalist and artist, as well as an activist.  i have had articles published in briarpatch, rabble, the media co-op and the leveller.

i have been an activist for 13 years.  i focus on indigenous solidarity, prison abolition, political prisoners and ritual abuse, and i frequently write about these issues, but i also write about other issues from a grassroots perspective.   i am an anarchist: i want a better world for everyone, a world where everyone not only has food, clothes and shelter, but the chance to live good, meaningful lives.  in brief, my politics are anti-capitalist, anti-colonial and anti-oppressive.

i was born and raised in ottawa, and i currently live here.  i am white, and my heritage is primarily english, and then irish, scottish, and german.  as far as i know, my ancestors have been on turtle island for roughly 150 years.  i acknowledge that ottawa, and the entire ottawa river watershed, is occupied algonquin land.

i am poor, white, heterosexual, and cisgendered male.  i am mildly physically “disabled” (mostly chronic pain) and experience severe mental health problems due to the extreme abuse i experienced.  obviously this is not an exhaustive list of all the ways that i am systemically privileged and oppressed.



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