May Day 2017: Celebrating Anti-Colonial and Anti-Capitalist Struggle

May Day 2017: Celebrating Anti-Colonial and Anti-Capitalist Struggle

We acknowledge and affirm that Ottawa, and the entire Ottawa river watershed, is the stolen land of the Algonquin nation.

Rally and March
Monday, May 1, starting at 3:00pm
Minto Park, corner of Elgin and Lisgar
This is not a permitted march
Free Feast
Monday, May 1, starting at 5:00pm
Location TBD
Family friendly
Make Me Bad May Day Party
Monday May 1, starting at 8:00pm
Cafe Nostalgica
Event Page:
Anti-Capitalist May Day Ottawa Contact Info:

May Day 2017

We invite everyone to join us for May 1, International Workers’ Day. May Day is a day to honour workers’ efforts to get justice, dignity and equality for themselves and their children.

This year, the Canadian government will be spending half a billion dollars celebrating the 150th anniversary of confederation, but for many, especially Native people, there is nothing to celebrate.

We invite everyone who supports Indigenous self-determination, a nation-to-nation relationship, and safety for Indigenous women, girls and two-spirited people to join us!

We invite everyone who wants workers to have a living wage, healthy workplaces and safe communities to join us!

The rally will start at Minto Park. We will gather there at 3:00pm. From there we will be marching through downtown Ottawa.

More details TBA
Anti-Capitalism is opposed to the capitalist economic system, which thrives on greed and the exploitation of workers, poor people, and the natural world. Anti-capitalists want a world where everyone has food, clothes and shelter.

Anti-colonialism is opposed to the colonial system, which thrives on the past and present theft of the lands of Indigenous peoples’ and the genocide of Indigenous people. Anti-colonialists want sovereignty and self-determination for Indigenous people and nations.

An anti-capitalist and anti-colonial analysis of Canada’s 150th anniversary

May Day was born out of militant working class struggle. First declared by the 2nd International to commemorate the Haymarket Affair of May 1886, it is celebrated around the world as International Workers Day—not just in the centres of capital, but also in the peripheries (the so-called “Third World”) where the contradictions between the exploiting class and the exploited are most often at their sharpest.

This year, Canada will be celebrating its 150 years of confederation. This is a celebration of Europe’s colonial expansion into Indigenous lands, a celebration of all that is settler colonialism and its genocidal policies against the native peoples that continue to this day

The ruling class tries to drive the idea that the foundation of Canada was a positive thing and an identity worth rallying around for the working class, for immigrants and even for Indigenous peoples. But their celebration of settler nationalism can only serve to obscure the systematic land theft, and the genocide, impoverishment, and racism against the Indigenous peoples, and can only divide the working people from their nationally oppressed native sisters & brothers, and serve capital in its ideological offensive against both indigenous and working class consciousness.

The struggle of the Indigenous peoples to break the chains of colonialism and imperialism, for liberation and self-determination, is intertwined with the struggle of the working class for emancipation. In Ottawa, we propose to celebrate this year’s International Workers’ Day as an Anti-Colonial Anti-Capitalist May Day, in celebration of the joint struggle and the unity of the native people and the working people of this colonized land of Canada.

The general and deepening crisis of imperialism, which is manifested in a state of permanent war against the Indigenous nations, racialized people, Muslims, and postcolonial countries, and against workers and their unions and political organizations, has found further expression and escalation in the election of a fascist to the office in the U.S., and a demagogue as Canada’s Prime Minister.

These crises and wars call for the broadest unity and solidarity between the native people, the labour, anti-war, women, 2SLGBTQ+, student and environmental movements, and all revolutionaries & progressives fighting for a better world.

Let our anti-capitalist May Day be anti-colonial and anti-imperialist.



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