Milkweed Artist Collective (an update)

hey people,

if you follow my blog at all regularly you will have noticed that i haven’t posted anything in a few months.  i was feeling shitty for a couple of months, and focused almost exclusively on making sure that i was eating well, getting some exercise, and keeping my apartment sort of clean, but that’s done for now, and hopefully forever!

one of the projects that i’ve been working on is creating the Milkweed Artist Collective.  i’ll tell you more about the collective in a minute, but first here’s a picture of a pumpkin:

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

above is a “practice pumpkin” for an art installation that the Milkweed Artist Collective will be doing later this month.  Pro tip: the letter E is hard to carve into a pumpkin.

Milkweed Artist Collective

Finally, here’s the Mission Statement and Basis of Unity for the Milkweed Artist Collective:

Mission Statement

We create art for social justice, and nurture political art and artists in Ottawa.  We make accessible art, work to strengthen the artistic community, and share art skills.

Basis of Unity

1) The Milkweed Artist Collective is an Ottawa arts collective by and for artists.

2) We are committed to working for social justice.

3) We exist to support one another, and all artists with similar values, to be successful on their own terms.

4) We oppose all forms of oppression and illegitimate authority.

5) We affirm that Ottawa and the entire Ottawa River watershed is the stolen land of the Algonquin nation.


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