Stones and Sticks and Words is also on SoundCloud

recently i’ve started doing radio news.  since i started doing that, i’ve created a SoundCloud account: StonesandSticksandWords.

i have a bunch of short 2 – 10 minute audio clips featuring news, interviews and politics, as well as one long 30 minute interview featuring me.  right now most of what is up focuses on indigenous solidarity, anti-police and prisoner justice.

1. Dr. Lynn Gehl on colonial history, Algonquin dispossession and the Comprehensive Land Claims policy

2. Douglas Cardinal and former City Councillor Clive Doucet against Zibi condos

3. Radio News: 500 March to Protect Sacred Site, Against Zibi Condominiums

4. Interview with professor Elizabeth Comack, author of Racialized Policing

5. Matt Cicero on his Arrest on June 18 for the Arson on an RBC Bank.

6. Roger Clément died Tuesday, June 7, 2016.



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