update: more writing on police, prisons and ritual abuse coming soon!


if you’ve been wondering what’s been going on with this blog, this is a short message to tell you that more blog posts will be coming.

also, i’m doing good.  the long silences is because, as usual, i’ve been busy.  however, i’ve recently escaped from a bunch of work that i wasn’t enjoying much, and i’ve been working on some projects that i’m more passionate about.  short story, i’m well.  really well.  i’m happy most of each day, and i’m happy most days.  it’s weird for me, as i didn’t realize it was possible to be happy most of the time, or even very often.  and my therapist says it’s possible to be happy pretty much all the time.  imagine that.

i’ve started co-hosting a radio show and i’ve been writing articles for a local community/student newspaper called the leveller: http://www.leveller.ca/.

and, sadly, i’ve been ignoring my blog.  i was hoping to double the number of page views i got this year compared to last, and to try and get 8,000 page views in 2016.  but i don’t think that’s going to happen anymore.  however, i am going to be writing more blog posts.

i’m doing a bunch of work on the police in canada, and i will be writing some blog posts about what i’ve been learning and what i think about what i’m learning.

also, the sixth anniversary of my 2010 arrest is coming up, as well as prisoner’s justice day on august 10, so i plan to have some writing about prisons.

but i’m also going to try and write some more about ritual abuse and mental health.  it’s still hard to write about the abuse, but it is good for me, and i think it is valuable for readers, too, and it is important to raise awareness about the issue(s).

that’s it for now, but expect more soon.

go do something illegal.

love and resistance.


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