fuck christmas and fuck the holidays, too

christmass can fuck right off

christmas is a hard time of the year for me, as are most christian and state holidays. christmas was the period of time during which i was probably worst abused. this is because of the fact that it was, with the exception, perhaps, of some weeks during the summer, when my parents could take the most time off work, and when the largest numbers of family members and their “friends” would be present. for me, throughout my life, the phrase “family and friends” has been synonymous with abusers.

while the abuse is finally over, the scars are still there. in addition to my many scars, christmas is a period of time where many people are with their families, making it even easier than user for me to get isolated. isolation is a common problem for disabled people. i also find it easy to feel triggered by all of the decorations, music, etc.

i did alright, though, so don’t worry. while i didn’t get much done, i did take a bunch of time to myself and continued to heal. i didn’t, however, get any writing done, which i had hoped to do. it’s been a while since my last blog post, so I am writing this short update. but i will be finishing the essay on indigenous solidarity soon, i hope.

after that, i want to write something about the police and prisons, specifically my own experiences of police violence, and the famous time i got arrested and briefly incarcerated for allegedly firebombing an RBC bank in the glebe neighborhood of ottawa.

love and resistance,


3 thoughts on “fuck christmas and fuck the holidays, too

  1. It pays to experiment to figure out what makes holidays least unbearable. Of course,once you get a good plan things change the next year, but you have more info as to what feels comfortable.

    I agree with you about more abuse occurring when the adults were able to get out of work easily. That’s why I think all three day weekends are horrible even though they had no cult meaning.

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    • Thanks, Jean. Yes, I am learning year by year what is better. This year was better than last year, which was better than the year before.

      Ya, three and four day weekends were a bad time for me, too.


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