The CIA, political, military and criminal groups and their connections with Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

i’ve been feeling better, not in anywhere near as much physical and emotional pain, but i have been busy!  too busy to write anything myself.  so, instead, i’m posting a long quote by Allison Miller.
i hope to have something ready for next week!
The CIA, political, military and criminal groups and their connections with Ritual Abuse and Mind Control
–          Allison Miller, Ritual abuse and mind control: the definition evolves in Healing the Unimaginable, pg. 17


“The CIA is not the only political group to have engaged in mind control in children.  It appears that other governmental agencies in the USA and the intelligence agencies of other countries, as well as neo-Nazi groups, have also engaged in similar practices, with similar goals.  We know that the Nazis experimented on children in a ruthless ways.  There is evidence that some Nazi doctors were imported to the United States (Bower, 1987), where they continued their research for a different employer (and covertly for the neo-Nazis, if they believed their original ideology.)  Many ritual abuse survivors report “doctors” at their cult training centers who assisted with their training.


Where did these groups access the children on whom they experimented and whom they trained?  According to survivors, during the second half of the twentieth century there appears to have been some collaboration between the secretive military and political organizations and the occult religious groups who were engaging in deliberate systematized child abuse.  Many survivors report being abused by religious groups, more than one military or political group (for example, CIA and neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan), and also organized criminal groups.  These groups apparently share children, strategies, and even trainers.  Groups who use children in child pornography often borrow them from multi-generational incestuous families, such as are found in organized cults.  Military mind control trainers also find cult children readily trainable as potential spies and killers because a dissociative foundation has already been created in them.  Whether criminal, religious, or political/military, abusers on an international scale are aware that dissociation is the lynchpin of power and secrecy.  What better source of already dissociative children than the parents who were abusing them in ritualistic cults?



All these groups employ the same torture, interrogation, and training techniques used on adults by military and police all over the world.  Evidence is that many of the techniques of ritual abuse and mind control are used for child pornography, the training of child soldiers (notably in Africa) and the human trafficking of sex trade workers (Guardian, 2009).  The behaviour of at least some suicide bombers and terrorists is consistent with that found in programmed survivors who present for therapy.



Organized crime has been involved, using children (often the same ones) for child prostitution and pornographic filming, and wanting ways to control those children and make sure of their secrecy.  We can speculate that these enterprises are an important income source for both ritualistic cults and intelligence agencies.”




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