if words changed anything, they’d be illegal

i’ve decided to put up a blog post with a link to a fund raising campaign to protect the freedom of speech of prisoners and former prisoners, and, among others, mumia abu-jamal, a well-known US political prisoner: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/protect-freedom-of-speech-keep-mumia-on-the-air

incidentally, this attempt to silence prisoners, former prisoners, political prisoners, prisoners of war and to keep people from listening to the voices of people such as mumia abu-jamal is a good example of what i meant when i thought up my tagline for wordpress: if words changed anything, they’s be illegal.  this attempt to silence prisoners and former prisoners speaks to the power of the prison-industrial complex and to just how afraid they are of prisoners and former prisoners speaking out about prisons, mass incarceration and the brutal violence of the criminal injustice system.

“This campaign will launch the Prison Radio Defense Fund to defeat PA Senate Bill 508 – signed by Governor Tom Corbett – which prohibits prisoners and those formerly incarcerated from speaking publicly. The law targets journalists, non-profits and individuals who aid prisoners in communicating to the outside world.”

i also want to apologize to readers who keep getting part one of various essays and don’t always get part two, part three and the end of the essay.  i’m sorry! i write ideas for essays on my blog, and/or i start writing essays and then i usually get caught up in other parts of my life – mostly organizing and healing – and i haven’t got back to my writing.

i have been doing better in december.  i have written and published several pieces and i am happy that people are reading my blog, or, at least, visiting the website – hopefully meaning that you are actually reading what i write (note than you can follow my blog, and i’m on fb and twitter.)

but if you were wondering, i haven’t forgotten! i am still going to make a zine about ritual abuse, write an article about sex work from my position as a client, finish my essay “these are my conditions” and everything, everything, everything else i said i would!

love and struggle,



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