mischief or not? judge’s decision on thursday, nov. 27

i was in court on oct. 23 – 24 for one count of mischief to property under $5000.

the judge will make his decision on thursday nov. 27 at 9am.  i do not know the courtroom yet.  i am asking anyone that can come to do so.

the crown attorney failed, i think, to prove his case, and i’m hopeful that the judge will find me not guilty.  but we’ll see, or hear, rather, on thursday.

i took quite a few notes that i hope to turn into something that will be interesting, but we shall see: i have been preoccupied with self-care and healing work, as well as trying to prepare for the remote possibility of a jail sentence.

i’ve been trying to get off of ativan as, although it is a medication that i have been prescribed by my psychiatrist, i will be denied it if i am taken to prison as it is a controlled substance.  this would mean that i would or will have to go through withdrawal which is a painful process, and would be worse in prison.

i’m also concerned that they will deny me access to seroquel, another medication prescribed by my psychiatrist, even though it is not a controlled substance.  they did this the last time i was at innes – it took them four days to finally give me my meds, and i only got them that fourth day because of a kindly nurse and the fact that i was listening carefully when he came that evening.

even if i am convicted, it isn’t likely that i will get a jail sentence for one count of mischief under $5000.  it is more likely that i will get 1 – 2 years of probation.


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