A New Blog Format, New Writing and an Interview with Zainab Amadahy

hello people!

i have recently been diligently working to turn my old blog into a SUPERBLOG.  i am experimenting with different formats (the free ones), and will be until i find one that i am satisfied with.  the site may change a bit in the next month or so.

i have also just learned how to use twitter (as part of my goal to achieve total blog supremacy).  you can follow me at: MattCiceroSSW.

i have, once again, been too busy to write and, once again, i’m making a conscious effort to make time in my life for writing and blogging, so i will have some new pieces coming out soon.

i am going to finish the long essay i have about the police and prisons, write an essay about my relationship to sex work, and sex workers, and then a book review of zainab amadahy’s new book: Wielding The Force: The Science of Social Justice (it is amazing and i recommend that you read it and buy two copies), http://www.swallowsongs.com/publications/wielding-the-force-the-science-of-social-justice/

and i am so excited because i get to interview her about her book and i will be posting this interview on MY BLOG.  that’s what i am doing.

as a child growing up in a cult and being ritually abused, i had a hard time imagining what a happy life could be like, and what it would mean to be safe, happy and living a meaningful life. now this is my life! it makes me so happy i want to cry! for reals!

finally, i started reading bell hooks book All About Love: New Visions: http://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/270045-all-about-love-new-visions-bell-hooks-love-trilogy

the sad part is that reading it has reminded me that i had almost no love in my childhood.  the only love i could give and receive was with my cats: cicero, pepper, dusty and snortface.  that’s the sad part.  the happy part is that it has inspired me to write about my healing process and the joy and love that it has and is bringing into my life.  so that is another essay that will be coming out soon, one that reflects more of the positivity that i feel and that is so important to living a good life, and being an effective organizer.

love and struggle!



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