The Pensword Is Mightier

I’ve neglected my blog for the past couple of years, as my one reader knows. I sincerely apologize to you, faithful reader, and I promise you that it will never happen again; if it does, then I vow I will sacrifice one of my uncles to satan.

Now that you’ve accepted my apology (thanks!), I will tell you my secret plan: I plan to take over the world using only blog posts! My words will be passwords, passwords that crack secret codes, codes that open secret doors, secret doors that open onto secret rooms where satanists in their secret robes engage in secret rites so that they can secretly control the world, and so that their misdeeds remain secret from everyone except satan.

But seriously: I do intend to publish more blog posts. In these years that I’ve been remiss with my blogging I have, at least, written a few other pieces:

1) Saving Akikodjiwan:

2) Raids against Six Nations marijuana dispensary violate inherent Indigenous rights:

3) Ottawa’s overdose prevention site defies government and gets results:

4) Remembering the life and death of Abdirahman Abdi:

5) Court denies deforestation permit to mining company in Algonquin territory:

6) Trial begins for police officer charged in Abdi’s death

7) When the Charter says “Everyone,” are Immigration Detainees Included?

8) Condos on an Algonquin sacred site?

9) Stateless and Bail-less:

I have much to say, and a humble hope that you, dear reader, will read my blog with the commitment, intensity and focus of an abusive ex-girlfriend monitoring their would be victim. I’m going to continue blogging memoir (from childhood to present), non-fiction, journalism, a bit of poetry, but I will also be writing fiction, and (if it doesn’t suck too hard, or I can’t find a publisher, or both) I’ll be sharing that, too.