My Father Was A Fake Communist

All my life my father pretended to be a Leftist; he claimed to be a communist.

As a child I was allowed to stay up late on election nights. My father, mother, and I would sit in the television room and watch the election results on the news. We would cheer when the New Democratic Party (NDP) did well, and lament when it did badly.

My mother’s family pretended to be on the Left for a long time; my grandparents had been part of the Student Christian Movement (which preached the social justice oriented social gospel), the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and later the NDP. My grandfather had been an NDP candidate in either the provincial elections, or the federal elections, or both. They forced their children to help, too; they sent my mother to stuff NDP leaflets in people’s mailboxes when she was a child.

I was born in 1977. Growing up most of my family still claimed to support the NDP, or maybe the Liberals, but by the time I was a teenager their political postures had shifted rightward: they were Liberals or Conservatives.

I’m not suggesting that my family’s support for the NDP or the Left was sincere. It wasn’t. Their commitment to the Liberal and Conservatives parties was also non-existent. They put a lot of effort into the act, though.

In reality, my mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts, all of my family and all of the people close to us were members of an intergenerational satanic cult.

Fake as Fuck

As I said, my father pretended to be a communist, and a Marxist. His house was full of books, most of which were non-fiction and left wing, or detective novels. I only ever saw him reading detective novels, but I assume he actually read some Marx and other left-wing authors when he was younger; he claimed to have been an activist as a teenager and as a university student.

Among the many bookshelves were books by Lenin, Orwell, and Trotsky. He had a copy of Trotsky’s autobiography “My Life,” as well as a trilogy written by Isaac Deutcher called The Prophet, which follows Trotsky’s life from 1879 – 1940.

My father lied often, and well, although I didn’t realize this until I began remembering being ritually abused as a child; I’m going to relate some stories he told me about himself, although it’s impossible to know how true they are:

At fourteen he joined the Labour party (he was English). He was kicked out for being too radical. Around the same time he went to a bookstore where he told the clerk that he was interested in books on science and socialism. The clerk had directed him to Karl Marx, the founder of Marxism and “Scientific Socialism”.

Later, after he’d emigrated to the United States, he joined the New Left. In fact, he said that at customs he’d been questioned by the immigration officer about the copy of the New Left Review (a famous left-wing journal) that he had in his suitcases.

Once in the US he’d joined the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and the Civil Rights movement. The SDS is one of the most famous of the student organizations of the sixties; it was central to the anti-war movement and the white left, and allied to the civil rights movement.

He left the US when he’d finished his PhD; he was afraid that if he stayed he’d be drafted to fight in Vietnam.

In Ottawa he taught physics, and became head of the Carleton University Academic Staff Association before switching sides and becoming a part of the Carleton’s administrative staff. In Ottawa he continued to pretend to be on the left. He said that he was part of founding the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a left-wing think tank, as well as Octopus Books.

One day I asked him if he was a Trotskyist. He thought for a minute before answering, “Yes, I was a Trotskyist.” He sounded a bit amused.

A Trotskyist is a communist who is a follower of Leon Trotsky, the main opponent of Josef Stalin. To this day I’m not really sure what a Trotskyist believes that is different from other communists, except that Trotskyists are opposed to Stalinism

But he also told stories in which he would be waving Mao’s little red book. I didn’t know it at the time, but Maoism and Trotskyism, while both communist, are at odds with one another; they are mutually exclusive. At other times he said he had sympathies with Stalin, the man who Trotsky and Trotskyists blamed for ruining the Russian revolution! On more than one occasion he told me that if he had been alive during the Russian revolution he would have been a member of the KGB.

His politics were incoherent; they didn’t make any sense; he wasn’t a Trotskyist, Maoist, or Stalinist. He wasn’t a communist of any stripe, or a supporter of the NDP. It was all an act; most of his life was an act, really.

Snakes in the Grass

I was the only person in my family to get involved in grassroots politics, but I knew other cult members who also did grassroots organizing; I dated one when I lived in Catalonia. In fact, she was the person who got me into activism. I’ll call her G.

G and I met on a small organic farm near Malaga in Andalucia, which is the southern-most province of Spain. A month or so later we began dating. Little did I know that she was part of a satanist cult based in Catalonia, an area in the eastern-most part of Spain. It wasn’t an accident that we met, or that we started dating (although I didn’t know that), but I won’t get into that story here.

When she returned to Catalonia, I followed her. She got a job at an organic agricultural college, and, publicly, she was on the left, and an activist in the neo-rural movement. The neo-rural movement in Europe promotes farmer’s rights, and parts of it are explicitly anti-capitalist. G said that she had been an activist in university.

She had also lived in Brazil where she had stayed with activists from the Landless Worker’s Movement, one of the most radical and powerful farmer’s organizations in the world. She also still knew people in the Assemblea Pagesa, a small radical farmer’s organization based in the Catalonian province of Lleida that had split away from the larger Farmer’s Union of Catalonia.

G wasn’t especially radical – she wasn’t a communist, socialist or anarchist – but she was, in a small way, a grassroots activist.

This is only a small sample of the stories I have about cult members engaged in activism and the Left. I want to emphasize that the cult members I knew were active in all political spheres, from activist to establishment to Right to Left. I am not saying, and don’t believe, that the Left is mostly composed of cultists; that would be absurd.

Ritual Abuse and the Left

At present most of the Left, and most social justice activists, know little to nothing about Ritual Abuse, but these cultists pretend to be supporters, members and organizers in our organizations and movements.

Why cult members infiltrate the Left is an interesting question that I’m not going to try and answer fully in this blog post. For now I’ll simply point out the obvious: it isn’t because they have a commitment to ending capitalism, imperialism, and oppression.

Remember, too, that these cults are intensely hierarchical and organized; cult members are not, for the most part, joining left-wing groups and movements by accident: they’re being directed to infiltrate them by their leaders. This has important implications for the Left as cult organizations which engage in Ritual Abuse (extreme, organized abuse) have a profoundly regressive and reactionary agenda.

Cult members infiltrating the Left isn’t, of course, the only reason that leftists should concern themselves with Ritual Abuse; organizations that engage in Ritual Abuse perpetrate horrors against children, and they are connected to human trafficking organizations, and the filming, sale and distribution of child pornography, to name only their worst actions. The Left may not be interested in the subject of Ritual Abuse, but Ritual Abuse organizations are interested in the Left; it’s time for the Left to wake up, open it’s eyes and begin to examine the issue of Ritual Abuse seriously.